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The Art of Display…

Cora Display Case

For over 25 years we have been manufacturing state of the art display cases, and creating success stories with large and small businesses in America and around the entire globe.

Oscartek™ is a line of showcases that is made in Italy relying on a state of the art technologically advanced plant near Perugia and conforming to the strictest ISO9001 standard.

California testing facility

California testing facility

Artisan workers produce top quality showcases that conforms to ETL safety and sanitation standards for the North American Market. Oscartek™ not only supplies the U.S, Canada and Mexico, it exports world wide as well mainly to Asia and the Middle East.

Oscartek™ brand has developed a nationwide service network with trained technicians to be there when the customer need them. With local proprietary parts inventory, the response time is practically immediate.

Food Service Showcases

Perugia, Italy facility

Perugia, Italy facility

Our area of expertise is mainly in the display or showcases for the food service industry; be it the Gelato, Ice Cream dipping cabinets, Deli merchandising cold and hot, Pastry or confectionary cases, humidity controlled Chocolate cases , High end Wine displays and open air screen cold cases.

At Oscartek™ we have a complementary modular Counter system to the display cases; On the front of the house and in the back. The ETL approved back counters are made with high polished stainless steel and cove based to meet the stringent requirements. On the front end, numerous designs are realized by artistic cabinet makers and mill workers to create an astounding impact and guaranteeing full integration with your choice of display cases, creating a successful destination shop.