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Custom Showcase Program

Oscartek offers the widest range of custom display solutions in North America:

Custom Showcase Program

1) Quick Ship

Oscartek has the widest range of display application standards, versatile shapes and sizes to solve your display’s needs, designated as “Quick Ship.”

Custom Showcase Program

2) Custom Standard

Add glass versatility in height or shape front decorative options to complete your design “Custom Standard.”

Custom Showcase Program

3) Fully Custom

Create the ultimate design specific to your exact needs for a “Fully Custom” solution. No need for a minimum quantity order, and your custom design will be ETL certified.


Custom Showcase Program

Oscartek™ understands that it is near impossible to offer cookie cutter solutions for every design challenge.

That is why we have developed a program for designers, architects and their clients to develop custom display case solutions based on what they need and particular to their objective’s requirement.

It may be height, depth or width adjustments, glass elevation and style, or even a multitude of temperature applications that is desired.

Pure and Simple...

None of the ‘give me 10, 20 or 100!! units commitment‘ that other manufacturers demand, if it makes sense, does the job you want it, passes through initial performance criteria, then it can be done. Pure and simple...

We call it PC…

No, it does not mean Politically Correct, PC stands for Performance and Conformance;


Let our engineers take a look at your initial display case and counter design before major time and money are invested. We study the basics first;

  • Could the design do the task you want accomplished as is?
  • Do minor modifications affect the look or purpose?
  • Are the changes feasible with standard components, therefore cost effective?


The last thing you want your client to have is a rejected finished product that was custom fabricated. Our engineers will make sure that your design will comply with Health and Safety standards accredited in the U.S and Worldwide;

  • Coved corners, plugged entries and none toxic materials to assure NSF compliance.
  • UL electrical components and highest quality Stainless Steel, tempered glass and none CFC flammable insulation to insure Safety compliance.

Leaf IconOscartek integrates environmentally sustainable components and energy saving features in our display solutions. Learn more about True Green.

See Our Custom Display Cases in Action

1) Concept

2) Performance

3) Conformance

4) Result