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Display Case Options

Elegance at its best, this display case for high end food is easy to customize and display the Master Chef’s creation. Rear access doors or glass drawers.


Oscartek showcases are available in square or curved shapes, and can be combined or "multiplexed" together to showcase a variety of food service applications from the same stunning line-up of cases.

Linear - Open Case Shapes Linear & corner footprint cases can be combined in the Gem series.

Click on an image below to view Gem series applications, available shapes, dimensions and temperature ranges.

Gem: Gelato
Gem: Ice Cream, Combi and Grab & Go

Materials / Finishes and RAL Color Options

Materials / Finishes and RAL Color Options

Oscartek offers a wide variety of finishing options for our display cases including:

  • Wooden laminates
  • Lacquered, lacquered wood
  • Glass tints
  • Decorative glass
  • Quartz
  • Engineered stone, natural stone
  • Defused LED with dimmers

RAL Color

Oscartek display cases ship standard unfinished (as pictured below).

A custom, high gloss (can also be matte) "RAL" paint color is an extra cost option that is almost always selected, unless you plan to finish the case on your own.

View custom RAL color samples Unfinished display case before painting