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La Crosse Display Case Temperature Ranges

This one of a kind display case is specifically designed with the highest hygienic standards in mind. It is the only food display case on the market that allows the operator to access the interior and clean the entire basin.

Thanks to a unique hinged deck, supported by hydraulic pistons that counter balance the weight of the Evaporator coil, fan assembly and stainless Deck. It is available in 90° corners for Deli, Open Grab and Go self-serve, Hot food and Ice cream Gelato configurations. A perfect streamline with a non glaring glass and an array of custom finishes.

This case supports the following food service applications:

  • Gelato and Ice Cream
  • Self Serve
  • Deli and Pastry
  • Chocolate
  • Neutral
  • Hot Case
  • Charcuterie
  • Red Meat
  • High Humidity Zone